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Whether you require a configurable experience, or you need a streamlined platform, the Stella Source suite of products has a solution for you.

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Configurability Without Complication

For teams who quote single and multi-part jobs on multiple machines, operations, and more.

Your systems should work for you, not the other way around, and that’s why we’ve designed SecturaFAB to be a highly configurable estimating and quoting platform. We take the unique aspects of your quoting process and build them directly into SecturaFAB by incorporating your machines, labor rates, inventory, and parameters.

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Winning Made Simple

For teams who quote single part jobs on laser and simple operations.

Stella Source accelerates your team’s quoting abilities, making it so simple that everyone on your team can start estimating and quoting in minutes. With the easiest interface and the fastest onboarding time on the market, say goodbye to lengthy training and implementation, and hello to rapid results!

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