About Stella Source

Stella Source propels metals organizations to new heights through forging connections and accelerating how business gets done.

Our Story

In late 2022, a team of talented individuals were brought together through serendipitous forces. Some had deep expertise in technology; others had years of experience buying and selling metal. While each individual took a different journey to that crossing of paths, all shared a belief that the very foundations of the metals industry were undergoing a seismic shift in talent and technology.

Fittingly, this meeting of the minds could only happen in Birmingham, Alabama, a city with a rich, intertwined history of metal and innovation dating back to the founding of the city. It was only appropriate that Stella Source would be born on the very same soil.

Our Passion

Stella Source has a passion to help the metals industry take a giant step forward in a meaningful, powerful way—through the relationships forged via human interactions.

Building true and lasting relationships requires effort. As a result, we go to great lengths to preserve the partnerships we’ve forged over the years. Stella Source is working toward providing the means to make it easier for the metals community to strengthen these lasting relationships.

Our VAlues

Respectful & Respected

Always saying “yes” helps us discover different opinions, perspectives and backgrounds that further define and shape who we are as industry experts.

Humble & Bold

We do not shy away or back down from difficult problems, instead we embrace a conscientious and considered approach to solve them.

Curious & Transformative

We are constantly exploring and studying the world around us, so that we can develop industry-leading solutions that advance our partners’ businesses.

Relentless & Thoughtful

Our culture of listening keeps us open to change and motivates us to act on the things we’ve heard, fueling our growth and desire to constantly improve.

Join the Team.

We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals!

Take a look at the open opportunities and see if anything peaks your interest. If you don’t see an open role that matches your skillset, let us know who you are anyway!