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Stella Source simplifies geometry-based quoting for your entire team with the industry’s easiest interface and fastest setup. Quote better and win faster.

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Stella Source guides you through the estimating and quote-building process. And coming soon, you’ll be able to get quotes from your own suppliers and purchase materials with Stella Source.

We have decades of experience in the metals industry. We’ve seen firsthand how customers are continuously provided a less than ideal buying experience. Before Stella Source, it used to take days to provide a quote to your customer (longer if the one person that does all the estimating is out sick).

Partner with Stella Source and never keep your customer waiting again.

Simplify Estimating For Your Whole Team.

Ensure your quotes align with your actual costs. Our proprietary nesting engine provides precise material quantities for accurate project estimations. Define your machines, material grade, thickness, and part quantity, and let us handle length and width extraction from your part file or set up shapes from our library.  It’s so easy to use that anyone on your team will be able to provide accurate estimations, ensuring you’re the first to respond.

Increase Accuracy With More Automation

Eliminate errors and inconsistencies by automating the manual and time-consuming tasks. Ditch your spreadsheets and let Stella Source do the work. Add multiple calculations to any part at the line-item level aligning costs with your business practices. Enter operation costs per hour and toggle between applying costs per part or total time, automatically adjusting labor costs for fast and consistent quotes, every time.

Optimize Profitability With Every Quote

We understand every job has unique requirements which can slow your response time. Stella Source allows you to fine-tune costs and margins easily ensuring every quote accounts for all costs and impacts your bottom line. Match your machine efficiency, save adjustable calculators, and add multiple operations for the most accurate quotes.

Experience Instant Team Readiness

Stella Source is uniquely designed to get your entire team quoting within minutes eliminating the need for lengthy training and onboarding. With our easy-to-use interface and rapid setup, you don’t have to rely on complicated tribal knowledge. Experience the fastest tool implementation ensuring your team is ready on day one.

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