Accelerate Your Sales. Strengthen Your Partnerships.

Quickly deliver quotes and build better relationships with your customers.

Forged in Metals.
For Metals.

Stella Source guides you through the estimating and quote-building process. And coming soon, you’ll be able to get quotes from your own suppliers and purchase materials with Stella Source.

We have decades of experience in the metals industry. We’ve seen firsthand how customers are continuously provided a less than ideal buying experience. Before Stella Source, it used to take days to provide a quote to your customer (longer if the one person that does all the estimating is out sick).

Partner with Stella Source and never keep your customer waiting again.


Improving Profits Starts with Accuracy.

With our proprietary nesting engine, quickly determine the materials needed for each job. Upload single-part DXF and DWG files to build your nests. Our engine will even clean up your perimeters. Other file types like STEP are coming soon. Join the waitlist to know what else is on the roadmap.

Configure & Cost

Get Top Dollar for Your Bottom Line.

Every job has unique requirements. You’ve likely developed your own process to meet the needs of your network. Stella Source guides you through the complicated choices and never takes away control. Set up your standard machines, save adjustable calculators, add multiple operations, and bill for your team’s time.

Supplier Management (Coming Soon)

Stop Waiting. Start Selling.

Before you can quote your own customer, you have to waste time hunting down quotes from your suppliers. With Stella Source, send requests to multiple suppliers, or send them to your preferred vendor. Request and track all your bids in one place.

Sales Force Management

Take Control of Your Sales Strategy.

Your sales performance shouldn’t be a mystery. It’s time to make revenue predictable with company-wide margin defaults, win/loss analysis, and increased pipeline throughput. Add Stella to your team to reduce busywork so your sales team can do the real work of building relationships with your partners. When you’re ready to send a quote, put your best foot forward with your branded quote templates.

Secure Your Spot Today.

Because of demand, we have limited licenses still available. You’re going to want to get in on this before your competition!

Join the waitlist and reserve your place in line. You’ll be the first to know of new product releases, gain insider access and leverage Stella on your team.

  • Accelerate sales with faster quote generation.
  • Create nests with our powerful, proprietary engine.
  • Configure costs with adjustable calculators and more.
  • Track your supplier bids in one place.
  • Guide your sales strategy with margin control and dashboards.